Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Deer boy

I am drawing something new lately, and  not so children illustration looks alike

December last year was my most productive month ever, even it was for hobby not works, but I can't share all my drawing here :)

I realize, in almost of all my drawings, there's children as subject and it's always fullbody with full background, I am lacking in gesture drawing that's why I am avoiding drawing adult.
I hope with start drawing something like this, I will improve in gesture drawing *crossfingers*

And yeah, it's a New Year already! Hoping the best for everyone this year, and for myself, I hope I can more productive :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cartoon job

Sneak peak of what I am doing right now

I make cartoon (or chibis?) to visualize the quotes, it's pretty fun job but the deadline is pretty tight too, must finish 300 pages of it in the end of this year.

My favourite quote is the middle one "This too will pass."
Someone told me this quote before and I always remember this when I got  hard time :)
Just remember that all the hard time will pass, nothing is forever.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sandy WIPs

I want to share some WIPs of my Sandy RoTG fan art with a lil explanations :)

I make the sketch first, not a very tidy one.

 Block the sketch, different colours show different layers. Because the pic only consist few objects, I want separate the layers, so it will easier to colour in one layer without disturb the other.

 Brush on the colours, the glowing sands is the light source. I occasionally flip the pic, to find out if something weird and fix it.

Detailing the face and hair, loves Sandy's hair, it's a star shape isn't it?

Detailing Sandy's clothes.

Detailing the sand's dreams. Later I erase the sun in the left part because it's unnecessary (the spiky parts looks not good in my eyes)

 Make the sands like fractals and make some layers with overlay mode on it, to make it more glowing.

I make Sandy and the sands bigger, because the left part of the pic feel too empty.
Adjusting the level. Finished!
(forget to flip it back again, but it looks okay this way)


Sandy from Rise of The Guardian, I just watch the movie last week (so late) :(
Sandy is my favourite because he's golden and cute but badass. His sands looks so dreamy *_*

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hermione WIPs

Well it didn't start as Hermione (my fav character) :)

I just want to draw girl with red color scheme but somehow her hair reminds me of lil Hermione in Harry Potter 1st movie.

Here's the WIPs
Start as anime girl?

She's smiling now, hehe^^

More glowing things

It's still not finished yet, her scarf seems off and I want to practice more full rendering for this piece :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Cutie Ehren

My first nephew, Ehren was born on September 15th 2012, he's such a cutie!! >.<

First time I saw him when he was 1 week old and he was so tiny, he sleep all day, lol, and his eyes can't saw things properly yet.
Now he's 3 months old and become so much cuter and chubby, and his eyes somehow brown or grey(?)

Haha, I know this is not art related topic, but you know what, I made 'fanart' for him :D *can't resist*
I draw his parents too, my older sis and his husband :D

In case you curious about Ehren's looks, here's his photo 

*his chubby cheeks, I want to bite it, hehe*

I wish you keep healthy and smiling, Ehren :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Practice colors , I want to make photography like background with some blur and sharp parts. The colors and balloon things was inspired from movie trailer "Blind."