Monday, December 31, 2012

Cutie Ehren

My first nephew, Ehren was born on September 15th 2012, he's such a cutie!! >.<

First time I saw him when he was 1 week old and he was so tiny, he sleep all day, lol, and his eyes can't saw things properly yet.
Now he's 3 months old and become so much cuter and chubby, and his eyes somehow brown or grey(?)

Haha, I know this is not art related topic, but you know what, I made 'fanart' for him :D *can't resist*
I draw his parents too, my older sis and his husband :D

In case you curious about Ehren's looks, here's his photo 

*his chubby cheeks, I want to bite it, hehe*

I wish you keep healthy and smiling, Ehren :)

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